Hotel Spa in Cap Corse

Feel Good space by Misincu

Le Spa Misincu - through the alleys of olive trees, the path leading to the river stops at the Spa, with its 4 treatment rooms, sauna, Turkish bath and earthy pink pool. Choose from treatments « à la carte » or have them personalised -everything here is dedicated to your well-being.

A Feel Good space of 350 sqm in mineral and pink shades. You may take a nap there nestled on a wooden lounge chair with secular trees of the permaculture bending over you…

Biologique Recherche, made-to-measure esthetic care

Your skin changes over a day. Our objective is having an immediate visible improvement. Try Biologique Recherche at our spa :

  • Cosmetic Evaluation of the Epidermis
  • Initialisation phase
  • The Care Phase

Amenities & services

ice fountain – sensory shower - plunge
Spa treatments

a story of passion and devotion to bodycare
40 years of passion…

Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche, a biologist, a physiotherapist and a doctor, combined their know-how and passion to write a unique and visionary page in the history of skin care. When the company was founded, 40 years ago, it functioned like a research and development laboratory whose sole vocation was to develop formulations for professionals dissatisfied with existing products. 

Today, the Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.

Biologique Recherche is an international brand available in more than 70 countries. 

Signature treatments by Misíncu

In addition to its treatments, Misincu Spa in Cap Corse offers a new well-being and fitness programme, designed around care and sports activities, which will give you a unique experience and coach you into the perfect feel good unique recipe for your body.


« à la carte » programmes adapted to each and every one according to your mood, needs and body balance, our hotel spa in Cap Corse offers a coaching programme to usher spirit and body into a total feel good experience.