Bar in Cap Corse

Mixology in Cap corse

The Misíncu Bar in Cap Corse, so recognizable with its « cloud blue », ocher and brown shades marble, is an essential point in the Domaine and is one of the Hotel's unique visual signatures. 

The Misíncu cocktail menu is signed by Elie Favreau this summer. The mixologist has reached the top of his game by creating colorful, peculiar and never seen before cocktails with and without alcool.

Creative and delicious cocktails by Elie Favreau

Valedictorian of his graduating class at Saint-Anne school in Saint-Nazaire, this passionate barman has defined his knowledge and skills in some of the most renouned hotels such as the Fouquet’s, The Peninsula, or The Burgundy. His years of professional experience have led him to progress as a bar manager in La Baule, Megève mais aussi Bordeaux.

Out of pleasure but also in search of practise and network-building, he also took part in many competitions.

In 2013, he became France Best Apprentice. He then won the Negroni Challenge in 2018 and the Vodka NADE in  Bordeaux. The recipe that led him to the top : Crushed golden grape, Nadé Vodka, Verjuice, camomille and golden grape syrup, and eventually a splash of chardonnay vinegar.

His next objective? Arriving first to the French Best Craftman competition.

Rich of these experiences, Elie Favreau has created the summer 2021 version of the Cocktail Menu for the Misíncu. Always placing first the quality of the drinks.