Misincu, hotel in Cap Corse

Cap Corse, adventures land

Cap Corse is full of natural wealth and high standard craftmanship… Read here Misíncu and its crushes, tips and secrets, taste what’s best in Cap Corse to make your stay an unforgettable one !

Whether you are walking, riding, cycling, snorkeling, we will make your stay one in a million.

Cap Corse is contrasted and surrounded by Nature, moutains, sea and maquis. It is a very protected region where wilderness has been preserved, this trip is a unique experience. Numerous activities are open to kids !

Everything here revolves around the sea, it is all about boating, sailing, hiking, go enjoy the sea by boat and let iodine energize you…

Our activities in Cap Corse

Yoga & Mind in Cap Corse

Disconnect completely with our yoga or pilates classes, which we can arrange on request at the beach or on the estate. Breathe, relax and eliminate stress.

Water skiing, Mono Skiing, Baby skiing,
Wakeboard, Inflatables & Kayaking

From the beach in Spartera, various nautical activities can be organized: kayaking and paddling in particular will be offered at the hotel beach.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Discover the underwater flora and fauna or visit wrecks, explore the hidden world below this beautiful island as you dive for the first time in an area rich in natural diversity.

Walks & picnics

Corsica, a mountain in the sea, is an ideal island for relaxing or more strenuous walks, alone or accompanied by a guide or a sports coach, just for an hour or for the entire day. Enjoy your outdoor experience even more with a picnic prepared by the hotel.

Canyoning & natural swimming pools

Feel like a thrill or prefer absolute relaxation? Discover our rivers which, in places, form magnificent natural pools. Dive into the "Pozzi", as the islanders call them.

Horse riding

The horse is certainly your best friend for exploring the maquis; half day or full day starting at Pietracorbara.