Green Sustainable hotel in Cap Corse

Ecoresponsible and ecological signature

When Olympe Zographos and her team designed Misíncu, she felt instantly inspired by the natural and mineral feel of Cap Corse, it felt obvious and anchored in her drawings that there was a strong earthy vibration that should be present in the air circulation of the Hotel.

She paid the same attention to each and every detail of the decoration. 

The wooden details, the vegetal, the linen sheets, the Sardinia marble, the shades of nude and natural tones and every warm touch of beige are so many elements leading Misincu to come to its energetic life.

Sanitary measures

  • In order to welcome our guests in the best conditions: Each member of the team will be equipped with masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic 
  • Public spaces will be disinfected  every hour with special attention paid to touch points such as lift buttons, handles, railings, light buttons… 
  • Bedrooms: High temperature cleansing and use of natural desinfectant
  • A new digital app to download for free : To enable our guests to do their check in via the app and assist them for a nice experience
  • Instant messaging system will enable our guest to message any member of the staff for request
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be available in all public areas
  • Reception area will be equipped with glass screens
  • An hygiene manager will be appointed in order to ensure that all barrier gestures are respected and continuously train our team to the all government updated measures 
  • Meal delivery will be available for all guests that may want to enjoy their privacy and independance in their rooms or villas
  • Spaces between tables : Each table will be separated and people will be allowed more space than usual

Misíncu, a green Domain

In 2019, Misíncu moved to permaculture. 
Determined to transform Misincu’s land into zones of cultivation that respect the environment, and dreaming of a completely self-sufficient ecosystem. The founders of Misincu called upon France’s foremost expert in permaculture, Jean-Baptiste Anfosso. 

This autodidact’s character spent his childhood on the shores of the Mediterranean, then on the island of Saint Martin in the West Indies. Through his research, through the in-depth knowledge of market gardeners, Jean-Baptiste Anfosso left his first calling of viticulture & oenology in order to devote himself completely to an art of cultivation: permaculture. 

« It’s a system of cultivation that works together with nature, not against it. One that promotes an alternative to the prevailing agricultural model, inspired by an understanding of how eco-systems work, and by traditional know-how ». Jean-Baptiste Anfosso summarizes.

Jean-Baptiste Anfosso is this green fingers goldsmiths who owns his reputation to  chefs such as Pascal Barbot (L’Astrance), Bertrand Grébaut (Septime) and  Alexandre Mazzia (AM), to name a few, who daily use his green gems in the plate…

Inspired by Buddhism and designed in a concentric geometrical shape, he designed Misincu’s Mandala Garden favouring the energies between plants.

An evolutionary composition destined to connect the self with the universe. An ideal space for meditation and an aesthetic creation that generates serenity. 

Captivated by Cap Corse’s wilderness and the richness of its soil, Jean-Baptiste Anfosso launched his permaculture programme at the beginning of April 2019. 

Misincu sustainably minded garden is now organized into well-planned plots, carefully designed to reveal the richness of local biodiversity. Some are reserved for the cultivation of fruits (raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants / red- currants), others for vegetables, (aubergines, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers), and for their heritage varieties. Others combine salads and root vegetables, (carrots, turnips and radishes). Aromatic herbs and flowerbeds display the first signs of begonia, absinthe and immortelle. 

Aware of the influence of the moon on plant life, Jean-Baptiste Anfosso follows the lunar calendar and its cycles for pruning, planting and harvesting. An experience to be lived only at Misincu...

Eco responsible and long-term

Misíncu cares for the environment and has received the European Ecolabel certification, which is awarded in France by AFNOR Certification. This is the “official European Commission label that allows tourists to identify places to stay that care for the environment.”

Misíncu for instance, commits to diminishing the use of plastic containers, recycling capsules and corks and enhancing local craftmanship.

Staying at Misíncuis taking part in a touristic adventure that is respectful of its environment, supporting cultural heritage and taking part in the protection of natural ressources, benefiting to corsican people. It is also tasting local and seasonary working with neighbours and collecting from our own garden.