Restaurant « Tra di Noi » Bistrot and wine in Corsica

Live cooking and bistronomy in Corsica

Tra Di Noi the hotel's bistrot restaurant in Cap Corse, opens its doors every day. It serves this kind of cuisine and recipes that stems from our corsican grandmas time and shares the secret and special twists of lively, tangy, joyful, addictive dishes

Tra Di Noi, meaning « between us» in corsican, is the idea of a fantastic dinner between friends with a 360° view from the terrace overhanging on the Mediterranean. Life is rather sweet and chill at Mísincu !

Sustainable cooking

Local products in Corsica

Cuisine at Tra Di Noi is part of the local food movement, with particular attention given to the seafood. From the coast of Cap Corse come delicious rock lobster, spider crabs, and octopus, with sea urchin later in the season. When it comes to fish, there are those from the sea, like denti (a sort of bass) or those from the rocks, like red scorpion fish, simply grilled over wood.

We have the same local preference for our meat, which comes from the farms around the Domaine, as well as our charcuterie and cheese which are all « Fatu in Corsica ! »

Amazing lunch and sea terrace

This is the ideal spot for lunch where you may enjoy a panoramic seaview, come and enjoy the sea spray, the sun and discover our lunch offers.
Wear your nicest straw hat, a light wind and the blue as far as your eyes can see, you may now sit back and enjoy the view, at Misíncu…

Corsican flavors

Back from the local market, back from tide, earth and sea fruits are the central elements of a cuisine deeply rooted on its island, generous and genuine is Corsican cooking.

You may also enjoy a food offer all day for those who are « no schedule » travellers ! Migliacci, spread of goat cheese and maquis herbs, parsley shellfish, figatelle sausage, local cheese and fish sashimi, in season product, zero kilometer, are so many hints towards a nomadic and tasty food to taste between sunbathing and sea bathing…

Emotions and cooking

The chef in command is Thomas Brasleret.