A Spartera, hut at Cap Corse

A Spartera in Corsican is a way of thinking, a sort of concept as the famous « sharing is caring »
This is how is built every summer the eventful summer season at Misincu.

Every summer our food offer and events change of setting and place in the Domaine. Aperitive time may be taken in the olive grove or in the permaculture garden by the Forest bar… A unique A Spartera event is one that leaves you with instants of magic and « come-back-taste » memories…

Local food and tastes

A Spartera, its beach, its vegetable garden, its olive grove, its nomadic cuisine that drops off its delicious flavours and fragrances where you are. Imagine some picnic baskets to lunch on the sand, on the grass of the garden, by the water,  at Misincu we make it happen !
Fresh salad with the spices of the garden, fishes from the Cap, homemade compositions made in corsica with pancetta, goat cheese, Abbatucci veal, local food is a win ! A Spartera meaning « to share », an infinite possibility of finger food to go to share, because we care!

Shared and friendly cuisine

Summer is then unforgettable at Misíncu, a flavour of boho chic and barefoot summer, laying on the beach or bent over the delicious fragrances of our permaculture garden, after swimming in the sea, come and stretch in the olive grove during a nice Yoga & Mind class, then enjoy a spectacular environment where nature heals and smooth your holiday.

At the sound of waves where the wind slightly whistles between the olive tree branches…A Spartera is about transmission, chefs teaching you their secrets, it is about sharing dishes when the night falls down, it is also getting your own picnic basket while sunbathing and sipping a fabulous homemade lemonade…